Drive & Forecourt Services

Driveway services is the first impression of your visitors on your property whether it is commercial or residential. Garden Landscaping Services is committed in delivering you the first-class driveway solutions which have been proven peace mind and satisfaction to our number of customers. We offer you block paved driveways, tarmac driveways, resin driveways, and much more, as our team consists of highly-trained professionals.


Decorative Paving

We will work with you to discuss possible design options, colours and styles for your new driveway, paving or landscaping project. We strive to offer every customer a high quality service and only use the best quality materials and tools for the job. Most homes will always have a driveway but there is a big difference between just having any and having an amazing driveway. Driveway design requires the work of professional experts much like we can provide at Garden Landscaping Services.


Pressure Washing

Using the latest rotary cleaning system we can transform your hard-landscaping surfaces back to their original condition. Removing weeds, moss, slippery algae, general dirt and most oil stains from; Block & Block Paving & Walls, Granite Setts, Concrete & Tarmac, Wooden Decking & Garden Furniture and Conservatory Roofs. This is an invaluable service for those looking to spruce up the look of their home or trying to sell their house!



We can provide you with multiple choices on installation ranging from style to combinations of materials. Combine your tarmac driveway with a paved apron, hand laid granite border set or a brick on edge. Add a pattern to the middle of your tarmac driveway. We can run through various design options during our free quotation. All size driveways installed professionally and fast by our team with over 30 years experience.


All Aspects Covered

Eco Friendly





Clean & Tidy

Our Landscape Gardeners Work

Everyone is different, and gardens come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. We don’t have a defined style but we do specialise in making big impact and low maintenance solutions. Have a look through a few examples of our featured gardens to see the big impact that we make.

Garden Landscaping Services Near Me
Landscape Gardeners Near Me

Client Testimonials


What a revelation…need I say more! I normally wouldn’t leave a review but based on the fantastic results for my garden maintenance, I feel the need to spread the word about Garden Landscaping Services. I actively researched online for a gardening company that could thoroughly transform my overgrown weeded unruly garden – look no further, Garden Landscaping Services were immediately available and what an amazing find. Definitely keepers! Not only do they offer gardening services but they also provide construction services to boot. Their finishing work is neat and tidy. They will transform any garden to your satisfaction at a reasonable fair price and very quickly not spread over a series of days. I now have a gardening company at my disposal to maintain my garden; additionally, I will use them for potential future construction work. They are also very approachable and polite, not intimidating and unpleasant. Highly recommended. Thank you.

June Smith


I decided to trust my instincts; Garden Landscaping Services were well presented and give their fullest attention to your requirements and exudes a trustworthy personality. I didn’t even bother looking for any other quotes and I’m glad for it now – I’m advised (by friends) that the price I was quoted would have been unbeatable anyway.

Garden Landscaping Services were courteous, polite and incredibly hard working. They would arrive early, daily, and in the company of ridiculously hard working staff members and work wouldn’t finish until their daily target had been met.

I fully recommend Garden Landscaping Services. I trust them and I genuinely believe that there is no other gardening company fit to clean his boots, let alone take care of your garden.

Adam Bentley

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